Flower Bed Mulching

Flower Bed Mulching

Flower bed mulching is a great way to enhance the look of your yard. Providing uniform color and texture, it can tie your landscape together and bring overall depth to your topography. But, mulching isn’t just about the look, it provides real benefits for your bedding plants. Bed mulching is an affordable way to boost and protect your landscaping investment.

The Benefits of Flower Bed Mulching

There are many reasons why bed mulching should be a standard part of your yard maintenance, and these include:

  • Soil Moisture Retention – Mulch ground cover helps hold moisture in the soil, slowing rain and irrigation evaporation. The sandy soil so common in our area is especially vulnerable to this evaporation. Mulch gives your bed plantings more time to soak up the water they need to grow.
  • Protection from the Heat – Our abundant Florida sunshine can really impact soil conditions, but mulch will serve as an excellent shade barrier, keeping the temperature down and lessening the shock that occurs with extreme heat.
  • Protection from the Cold – Similar to the heat protection it provides, mulch can help protect your bedding plants from extreme cold. Basically serving as a blanket, it will hold in the warmth from the ground, effectively modulating soil temperature.
  • Soil Enhancement – As bed mulch breaks down, the resulting organic material delivers important nutrients back into the soil. This is especially relevant given the large amount of sandy soil found in our area.
  • Erosion Prevention – Wind and rain can slowly (or quickly in the event of a real storm!) remove soil from your flower bed. Mulch provides a strong barrier against the erosion elements.
  • Weed Reduction – When applied and maintained at the appropriate depth, generally 2-4 inches, mulch serves as a very effective weed deterrent. It works in two ways. First, there is the barrier to external elements: seeds may be blown or dropped on the bed but most will be unable to reach the soil to germinate. The second deterrent aspect is below-the-surface: seeds that do make it into the soil will not receive the sunlight needed for germination.
  • Aesthetics – Bed mulching creates a clean, uniform ground cover. Mulch texture adds depth to your beds. It brings overall color to the bed base.

The Right Mulch for Your Beds

Antones Lawn Maintenance Service offers several types of bed mulch, including pine bark nuggets, cypress mulch, bark chips and pine straw. Choosing the right mulch often comes down to aesthetics, but there are times when one type of mulch makes more sense over the others. For example, bark mulch can float away in heavy rain. For this reason, we don’t advise using it in sloped areas, or where water tends to accumulate. When it is possible, using the larger mulching components, including the bark nuggets and chips, you can expect greater intervals between mulching given that it takes longer for these mulches to break down. But keep in mind that the breaking down of the mulch, no matter the timespan, is one important way you are enhancing your soil, returning vital nutrients through the resulting organic material. Antones provides guidance you can count on when selecting the right mulch for your flower beds.

Enhance and protect your flower beds with quality bed mulching. You can count on Antones for professional and knowledgeable service. Contact us today for a free quote on your beds.