Mowing With Detail And Care

Nothing boosts curb appeal like a manicured lawn. It all starts with an effective, informed mowing regimen. At Antones Lawn Maintenance we have the tools and skills needed to keep your turf healthy and strong all year long.

Mulching Mowers & Trained Technicians

Our service involves the use of mulching mowers designed to incorporate the grass clippings back into the turf. Sometimes called “grasscycling,” leaving mulched clippings on the lawn keeps vital nutrients in the soil and grass. In fact, this process can often reduce the amount of fertilizer needed on the lawn. Our mulching mowers are designed to keep grass clippings out of nearby beds, thereby reducing weeds and unnecessary bed debris. We train all of our technicians in the rotating mowing pattern technique, which reduces the likelihood of tire tracks that are not only unsightly, but also damaging to the turf.

Lawn Mowing

Proper Maintenance Ensures We Deliver The Best Service

Proper mower machinery maintenance is critical to achieving the results both we and our clients desire. At Antones Lawn Maintenance we make equipment maintenance a top priority. We ensure our blades are sharp not only for aesthetics, but also because we understand it protects your grass. Sharp blades create a clean cut, eliminating ragged or torn edges that can produce a brownish tone over the yard. Furthermore, a sharp, healthy cut protects the grass from the introduction of disease. We also understand that sharp blades are only effective when the mower engine is running optimally. For this reason, regular engine maintenance is top priority in our operations.

Professionals With Critical Industry Knowledge

Our professionals are knowledgeable of the various grass species common in our area. We determine the right height for your type of grass to ensure a healthy blade and root system. With this in mind, through our regularly scheduled mowing intervals, our team will aim to remove just what is needed to keep your grass healthy, generally removing no more than 1/3 of the grass height at each mowing service. No balding. No burning or shocking the root system.

Regularly Scheduled Lawn Service

We understand our clients need a dependable partner on board to deliver top quality service. To this end, we work with our customers to set up a mowing interval that works with their grass growth and lifestyle. When weather interrupts our schedule, we provide communication with the client. No surprises. No leaving you hanging.

You can trust Antones Lawn Maintenance for a beautiful, healthy lawn. Contact us today to get started.