Hedge Trimming

Antones Lawn Maintenance understands that hedge trimming is an integral component of overall yard care. Importantly, we appreciate the fact that hedge trimming not only contributes to the beauty of your outdoors, but is also key to maintaining the health of the hedges. Professional hedge trimming helps to ensure the longevity of your landscape investment while giving you that truly manicured look you want for your home.

Why You Should Have Professional Hedge Trimming

Professional Hedge Trimming

When you choose Antones Lawn Maintenance for your hedge trimming, you can be assured you’re getting the trade knowledge necessary for quality work. Not all hedge and bush species adapt to pruning the same. Our professionals appraise key factors before planning their work in your yard. In addition to, and in light of, the shrub species, we will consider:

  • Temperature – Heat can add incremental stress to a pruned bush or hedge
  • Timing of New Growth – Trimming too early in the growing season can result in stunted growth. Waiting too long to prune, you may hinder growth in hedge areas where sunlight becomes compromised due to density.
  • Flowering – Different plant species bloom at different times. Trimming at the wrong time, you can effectively remove all of a season’s blooms before they ever begin. Generally speaking:
  • Springtime flowering shrubs should be trimmed once they have stopped blooming
  • Summertime flowering shrubs should be trimmed in late winter or early spring
  • Disease Prevention – Certain species are especially vulnerable to disease following pruning, and this can be made worse when pruning is too aggressive. Some species should only be trimmed when dormant.
  • Your Vision for the Hedges – Once we understand your goal for the hedge – screening, ornamental, etc. – we can map out a plan for getting you there. For example, with regular trimming, we can encourage thick growth for better privacy. If you are looking for a special topiary look, with regular trimming we can guide growth accordingly. The earlier we start shaping, the better able we will be to obtain and maintain your look. Let us help you get there.

We offer light hedge trimming during otherwise “off-season” prunning times to keep lines tight and clean year-round.

The Right Tools Make the Difference

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the tools necessary for hedge trimming. Some species are suited for electric and gas-powered hedge shears, but some will look better, and fare better, when hand-held trimmers are utilized. We know what works. And, we make it a priority to keep all of our equipment in top condition because we know the final product is dependent upon it.

Clean Up – It’s Our Job!

Arguably one of the best reasons for having a professional do your hedge trimming comes down to the clean-up. If you have ever cleaned up after your own trimming you know how tough it is to get small pieces of shrub out of your mulch. You likely ended up removing a lot of your valuable mulch during your clean-up process. Our professionals are trained in hedge trimming clean-up. We know the tricks and have the tools necessary to remove what needs to be removed quickly and efficiently.

Hedge trimming is a requirement for healthy, attractive hedges. When you partner with Antones Lawn Maintenance, you can expect a professionally and thoughtfully scheduled cadence of hedge trimming. Are you ready to give your hedges the attention they deserve? Contact us today to get started.