Flower Bed Maintenance

Ornamental by design, providing depth and color and often serving as the focal point to the yard, flower beds are the finishing touch to a manicured home exterior. Antones Lawn Maintenance offers full flower bed maintenance so you can keep your yard beautiful and healthy all year round. You can count on us for:

Flower Bed Maintenance

Planning and Prep
Wondering what will look best in your bed? Unsure of what will grow? Or, how it will grow- spread, trail, up, out, etc? We’ve got the experience and knowledge you need to build the flowerbed you want. From water requirements to soil conditions to sun exposure, we’ll study your situation and devise a mix of plants that will thrive. When warranted, we’ll prep your soil to ensure strong growth and install weed barrier to lessen the likelihood of weeds. If needed, we’ll mix in nutritive soil to fortify the bed, or simply add dirt to level the ground for proper drainage.

Are you looking to start a new bed this year? Wanting to add in plants to fill in an existing bed? Our team of experts is trained in bed installation, understanding the importance of soil prep, spacing and planting depth. We’ve got the tools necessary to do the job quickly and efficiently. And when the work is complete, we stand ready to walk you through what is needed to get your plants well-established. We’ll cover watering and fertilizing needs, if applicable, to enable you to protect your investment.

Weeds wreak havoc on a flowerbed. Not only an eyesore, they can crowd out flowers, stunting growth and killing your plants. You can count on Antones Lawn Maintenance to keep on top of the weeds in your beds. Our aim is to remove weeds at the source, pulling both the sprouted plant and its roots, to prevent reemergence. We remove all weed debris not only to prevent an eyesore, but also to remove the opportunity for reestablishment.

An effective line of defense against weeds is proper bed mulching. Antones provides professional, quality mulching service, offering a selection of wood type and color options. We have the knowledge and experience needed to advise you on what will work best, and look best, in your beds.

Postseason Pruning
A big part of what sets you up for a beautiful spring is the work you do at the end of the preceding growing season. You can count on Antones to trim back growth in order to prepare your perennials for spring. We know what amount of pruning is needed for the various plants common to our area. Importantly, we understand you want your flowerbed to look good even in the off-season. To this end, we prune and groom for a tidy, pulled-together appearance. All pruning services include the removal of old plant material.

Fertilizer can be what takes a bed from good to great. Plant nutrition boosts growth and encourages blooms. Certain plants, in fact, depend on fertilizer to remain healthy. Unsure of your plant’s needs? You can count on Antones Lawn Maintenance for well-informed guidance. We’ll set you up on a routine fertilizing schedule that works for your flowerbed.

Looking for texture and color to complete your landscape look? Give Antones Lawn Maintenance a call today for truly beautiful flower beds sure to impress and endure.